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Giving the 4,500-year-old sculpture a new identity is an effort to sanitise and align it with a patriarchal perspective.

While patriotism arises from a deep love for one's country and its people, nationalism can often lead to exclusion and violence towards those deemed different. Tagore's works offer a nuanced understanding of these ideologies and their impacts on society.

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More than half a century before Virginia Woolf advocated for a Room of One’s Own, Rashsundari Devi from a small district in Bengal was asserting her power in the only space that belonged to her— the Kitchen— to read & to write in an era where neither were allowed to women. What was her journey like, and who helped her to write the first autobiography ever by a Bengali woman? Read my piece, exploring sisterhood in kitchen spaces.

While the use of sex workers’ stories in fashion may have rightly triggered a united feminist backlash against the objectification and commercialization of women’s bodies for utilitarian purposes, the article delve deeper into the historical factors that led to the emergence of this profession.

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Nida Manzoor's hilariously action-packed film, "Polite Society," is all about two sisters who find themselves entangled in a web of a deceitful wedding and societal expectations, where women are only seen as fit for the role of childbearing.

In their bid to make feminism sound all-inclusive, the filmmakers spent too much time rescuing a man from toxic masculinity instead of giving a fair share to women in their very own fight against patriarchy. The fact that Barbie is actually made to apologise to Ken is an irony that no one bothered to take out from the story, because hey, even men are victims of patriarchy.

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