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The Bookishruti Book Club

The Bookishruti Book Club
The Bookishruti Book Club

If you aren’t investing your own thoughts in the words you read, are you even reading? Hello! I am Shruti, based out of Ajmer, India. Welcome to my Book Club — a platform I intend to grow, to build a community of like-minded readers. ​’BookiShruti’ came into existence in 2020 on Instagram and since then, I have had the pleasure of connecting with numerous brilliant minds across various subjects. Together, they have contributed to my growth in this journey of literary appreciation. Their support has inspired me to create this Bookishruti Club. There are no rigid guidelines for joining this community, except for having an open mind and respecting everyone's opinions. Oh, and also, an active internet connection. The focus of this book club will be to have theme-driven discussions more than book-specific discussions.

As our club grows, I also plan to invite authors to join our discussions and incorporate enjoyable activities to enhance our meetings. So, even if you haven't read the selected book, you are more than welcome to attend our meetings, actively listen to others as they discuss language, theme and share their reading experiences, and participate in the activities we have planned.

Fill this form to be a part of the Club and receive latest updates: Do add feedback in the comment box, in terms of what you are expecting in these discussions and in terms of book/genre/theme choices. Once finalised, I will share the schedule for the virtual discussion with everyone who submits their names here, and also publicise it on my Instagram. It is my sincere hope that you will find value in these discussions, and I extend an open invitation to all who wish to participate. Let us embark on this literary adventure together! Do fill out the form to stay updated, share with your friends, and follow @bookishruti for more details. A very warm acknowledgement to, @kitaab_nama, @neha_taashu, @khushhhyaar, @iameshansharma_, @karantekwani21, @southasianbookclub and @shiwanidabral for the constant support ❤️


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